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Welcome to Total Male Medical Center

We strive to help men perform and feel better

Our special program aids men with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. We provide testosterone treatments to help men feel healthier, stronger, and become more confident in their daily lives. We here at Total Male Medical Center guarantee results to all our patients. The answer to our success is that we develop individual programs to target the patient’s specific concerns and satisfy each of our patients’ wants and desires. Our patients say they feel younger, perform better, and have more energy to live their lives.  Read more

When you are not happy with results from
Viagra, Cialis or Levitra.

When you cannot take these medications
due to health concerns.

Total Male Medical Center is here to help.

Total Male Medical Center provides guarantee solutions for men dealing with Erectile Dysfunction (ED). We understand your concerns. Sexual health issues are a sensitive, but important part of your overall health and happiness. Our all Male Medical Staff understands your goals. We go the extra mile to not only immediately address your situation, but look for a way to treat the long term effects.

Total Male Book

TOTAL MALE tells it clear, simple language and sets aside male sexual health taboos. Sexual health issues can be a great danger to your health, and many safe and effective treatments exist that most people have never heard of!

“Total Male: Save Your Life By Taking Charge of Your Sexual Health contains an easily understood, step-by-proven-step plan for improving not just sexual health, but also total health. Thankfully, amidst all the hype and confusion, Dr. Weis’s clear, research-backed plan provides the information that should be in the hands of every adult male in this country.”

-Charles Runels, MD
Hormone Research & Inventor of the Priapus Shot® Procedure

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Article: Testosterone Advocates Get Boost From Study A recent article analyzes a study on patients taking Testosterone. It shares the details how patients taking testosterone can lower their risk of heart attack. Before this, many speculated that patients taking Testosterone have a higher risk of heart attack yet this recent...

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Recent Review

“I’ve been feeling better already. I have improved sex drive, mental clarity, and I’m sleeping better…”

A. Smith — pellet patient

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